This is how much I’ve used this winter, and believe me swiss winters are not beautiful, dry and sunny!
On occasions I’ve had to wash my bike 3 times a week ’cause the roads are always wet, muddy and covered in salt!
I began using Chain-l at the end of november, at the time I was so frustrated with all the oils I had tried previously and was not at all happy with the results.

Some I found to be too greasy resulting in an annoying black marmalade depositing on the chain, and some too light with the result that after every ride I had to add more oil, or in case of a wet race, the extremely annoying squeaking, not to mention the rust….

If you ride 18.000/20.000km a year, maintaining your equipment is a priority.
I don’t know why, maybe it’s a limit of synthetic oils, maybe it’s due to all the additives they use, but since I’ve been using Chain-l I’ve solved all my problems and that’s why i decided to import and sell it here in Switzerland. Believe me, after trying it, you’ll never use anything else.

Chain-L is offered in a 4 oz. bottle. Info & orders: welcome [at]

Enzelbühl 2010 Photo Antonello Tabarelli de Fatis

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