Saturday, January 21, 1978

Cabbed over to Studio 54, and then when we got there, the place was packed. Ken Norton was there. It was jumping for a snowy night, Steve couldn’t believe that so many people came out in the blizzard for it, he was turning away people at the door as usual. Then we wanted to go down to a place called Christy’s Restaurant on West 11th Street where there was a Saturday Night Live party for Steve Martin. We went outside to try to get a cab but we couldn’t. Then along came a white guy and a black girl in a car who offered us a ride anywhere we wanted to go, and we took it.. They said that Steve wouldn’t let them in to Studio 54 because they didn’t look right, but they looked okay for me-I mean, he looked like a fairy and she looked like a drag queen, it was the Studio 54 look. As we were going along Catherine looked out the window and said wasn’t that Lou Reed on the street, and it was. He was with a Chinese chick, and they got in and he was friendly. When we got to Christy’s, Steve Martin was great, he seemed thrilled to meet me.

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