MICHI Fall 2011

As I looked through the collection, I said “wow”, not for the model and or the quality of the picture, though, “wow” is for the concept, for the basic idea. Finally a new line of underwear, able to mix sexy and sport, performance and elegance, without the candies or neon colours used by most labels. I decided to call Michelle Watson and ask her for an interview:

A: “Ciao Michelle e complimenti. When and how did you decide to work with lingerie inspired activewear?”

M: “About 6 years ago I started to think about designing some kind of sport collection that would also look amazing on the street. I noticed a lack of stylish and feminine athletic wear that crossed over well into everyday clothing. Over the past few years I was on the RLX Ralph Lauren design team and we relaunched the brand to be more of an active lifestyle brand. It got me thinking about the kind of active lifestyle brand I wanted to personally create in the future which soon became an edgy, fashion-forward, utilitarian active lifestyle brand called MICHI.”

A: “When did you decide to be independent and to start MICHI?”

M: “The second I left Ralph Lauren, I started MICHI. About 1 year ago, today.”

A: “Where do you collect your ideas?”

M: “I get inspired from vintage lingerie and pin-up photos, historical fashion books, my brother’s Superhero collector cards from the 90’s, blog photos, stylish movies, street fashion, and from travelling and immersing myself in other cultures.”

A: “Which materials you prefer?”

M: “I gravitate towards mesh, anything stretchy and silky soft, but durable with technical/ athletic properties.”

A: “Which colors you like?”

M: “Black, rich neutrals and jewel tones.”

A: “Thank you Michelle.”

M: “Grazie a te Antonello e ci vediamo a Milano.”

Take a look at the full line

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