30th anniversary


For the Hockey Team Bolzano Penguins this will be the 30th season. In the years i was living in Bolzano, this was my second family, a fantastic group of full crazy guys. I played(first from left, standing)as forward right wing in the first line and sometime as centre of the second. In more than 300 games i never won a face-off, hockey was definitely not my future. But the memories are indelible: the long travels, the perfume of the linoleum of the locker room, of the puck and of the tape, the terrific smell of the Camphora used by DAN like Nutella; all the body-checks made and given, the injuries and the stitches, all the goals scored(few)and conceded(many). And a wonderful post card  from Prague when I was in a very shitty period at home. I would like to remember two of these fantastic guys, missing a lot, CLAUDIO „the Doc“ who was the only one able to use the stick and the past subjunctive and CAIO „the Wall“ our fantastic goalie. Thank you guys, it was a pleasure to play with you. Penguins are the best, fuck the rest!

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