la birra riempe la gamba


This is another good good reason to start at the next GRANFONDO SPORTFUL.  In Feltre, start and finish of the race,  you can drink the best beer in the world, the Dolomiti directly at the Birreria PEDAVENA.

I discovered this small brewery a few km before the „flamme rouge“ of the Granfondo Campagnolo in Feltre(Italy). Founded in 1897, the company was sold in 1974 to HEINEKEN. When HEINEKEN decided to close the factory(it is normal for this company to buy and then to close the breweries!), all the employees formed a syndicate and continued to do what they were able to do. Brewing!

The characteristics of the Birreria Pedavena are simple and easy: they use the ingredients and the materials of the area. The water comes directly from the Monte Avena(here the name „Pedavena“ means at the foot of the Mountain Avena). The hop and the barley come from their garden, the malt from their maltingfloor, so the making of the beer is done in their own factory. It is a complete local production! Due to these characteristics, the Birreria Pedavena received a lot of acknowledgement from „Wine and Spirit International Beer Challenge“ in London, „Australian International Beer Award“, „Superior Taste Award“ in Bruxelles. According to the old company they cannot sell to some countries, but I always stock a lot of bottles, so if you are interested I would be pleased to order some boxes. Do try this beer, it is excellent! Salute!

Tipps: Beer has the perfect profile for re-hydration after sport, contains a lot of maltodextrins, vit.B6, B12, folic acid, is very rich in dietary minerals like potassium and magnesium but contains a very small amount of sodium. Drink moderate!

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