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kiss my ass

You have probably noticed that I closed my Instagram account. The reason is very very simple. I posted this picture, do you see tits? nipples? labia? vagina? The picture was one of the LOGO serie and was removed by the puritan department of IG. But the problem is not that they removed the photo, the problem is how they removed the photo, the problem is the style, the tone! A low, very low kindergarten style!

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Giro d’Italia(1967/1969/1976)-Tour de France(1965)-Vuelta(1968)-Tour de Romandie(1969)-World Champion(Barcelona 1973 in the picture)-Milano-San Remo(1974)-Paris-Roubaix-Giro di Lombardia(1966/1973)-Paris-Brussel(1966/1976)-Coppa Agostoni-Coppa Placci-Trofeo Baracchi-Coppa Bernocchi-Trofeo Matteotti-Sei giorni di Milano. He won 141 races.
Tanti auguri GIMONDI.

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